Open CTRL+F search dialog makes Mem lose focus on pressing Enter

Christian Theilemann

found a small but annoying bug that has to do with cursor focus in conjunction with the CTRL+F dialog. This is on the Mem Desktop app on OS X - Version 0.32.0 (0.32.0).
Current behaviour/steps to reproduce:
1. Open a Mem
2. Open the in-page "search" dialog via CTRL+F
3. search for something, i.e. `foo`.
4. Use the mouse to position the cursor somewhere in the Mem to type a sentence.
5. Type the sentence
6. Press Enter twice.

If you follow the sequence of these steps you'll notice that on pressing Enter the Mem doc itself loses the focus again and whatever characters I'm typing will get "lost".
Neither the Mem doc or the Find text field will have the cursor and take my input.

Expected behaviour:
Do not let the Find Menu steal the focus on pressing Enter. For a reference on how users would expect it to work, just use the CTRL+F in Chrome on a random website.

Happy to provide a video if that helps to clarify the problem.