Public Mems should have an option to publish linked Mems

Kishore Balakrishnan

Pls consider a way to choose to publish all the linked / related URLs together
Example - PageOne has been linked to PageTwo with the + and viceversa ... when publishing either of them ... show all the linked URLs and an option to publish and link them in the public pages

This might be tricky with several pages linked .. but that might the power of mem to display complex graph relationships... am digressing by thinking how graphviz can be displayed with the mem-s ...


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Benjamin Von Wong

Couldn't agree more!! The fact that you enable a bunch of cross-linking that breaks the minute you press publish (not to mention the glitchy page duplicates) is infuriating!


grant r

Totally agree. Sharing mems that are linked to create a collection of thoughts on a topic are so much more valuable than just one mem. I realise that the alternative is that u share access for collaboration, but for external people they dont have the time or inclination to dive into this type of tool. I think sharing a collection of mems on a topic even as a mind map or something would be great to get other to engage. obviously they would have to sign in to comment or add their thoughts :)


Mike Soylu

Status changed to: Planned