✨ New in v0.39: Introducing People 👥 and Emails 📨

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 11/01/2022

We're excited to introduce People & Emails, which lets you sync your contacts and emails from any email account so that they're easily accessible in Mem. Now, it's easier than ever to stay organized around your contacts and keep knowledge at your fingertips.

With People, Mem helps you stay organized around the people you care about. Check out your left sidebar for a brand new "People" section, and click into any person to see relevant mems, email threads, attachments, and meetings organized around your contacts.

With Emails, Mem will automatically pull up relevant emails, email threads, and attachments side-by-side with your meeting notes, so you'll never miss important context or details.
Head to Flows -> People & Email Syncing to connect your email to Mem, syncing all emails from 6 months ago and onwards. To sync unlimited emails and contacts, upgrade to Mem X.

✨ New in iOS app v0.27.0 (94)

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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 10/14/2022

UI polishing

  • Help and support - icons & spacings;
  • Share view - copy changes, navigation spacing, toast height;
  • Related mems - separator removed;
  • Home - section title font, mem title font, spinner (refresh activity indicator) color;
  • Search - section title font, icons, spacings;
  • Side menu - profile image size, starred mems title & font, new icons;
  • Help and support - navigation stack spacing & title change;
  • Editor - toast view for copy mem link, & star/unstar mem.

✨ New in iOS app v0.26.0 (93)

  • New Fixed
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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 10/03/2022

✨ New in v0.38.1: Bug fixes and more

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 09/29/2022

We've made a few minor changes (and some important bug fixes) since our last release!

Updated UI for linked mems, mentions, and hashtags – We heard your feedback since our last release, and we made it easier to spot linked mems, mentions, and hashtags in your mems.

Updated UI for the mention menu – Bigger profile pictures in all mention menus.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where @mentions would randomly appear in certain mems
  • Fixed a bug where code blocks would add new lines erratically
  • Fixed a bug where the bottom of the Mem Spotlight window would be transparent

✨ New in v0.38: New mentions menu, bug fixes

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 09/20/2022

New mentions menu (@) – You can now link contacts, mems, and groups from the new mentions menu (which you can pull up by typing the @ symbol).

Editor scrolling – We squashed a bug where the editor scrolls to the top while typing in larger mems.

Swifter sharing experience – We've introduced a new balloon that allows you to share a mem with linked people and groups, all in one click.

New look for linked mems – Links to other mems now have a thin underline instead of a bolded underline.

✨ New in v0.37: PDF Viewer, "mems you may have missed", and more...

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 09/01/2022

PDF Viewer – Now, when you click on a pdf attachment that you've added to Mem, it'll open in the right side-pane instead of opening a new tab. Great for multi-tasking, and for when you need to take notes related to an important document.

Mems you may have missed (Mem X only) – For team users of Mem, your Inbox will now have a new card titled "Mems you may have missed", which will surface popular mems amongst your team that you haven't seen yet.

Brand new Related panel + smoother animations – We've added animations and quality of life improvements to the Related panel of mems to make changes appear less abrupt. If there are multiple tags in a mem, they will now be grouped until a single "Topics" card to reduce the clutter.

Faster Search + other quality-of-life improvements – Search and search autocomplete will now feel much snappier than before. Search results pages will also now remember where you were on the page before you clicked into a mem, to make navigating lists a better experience.

✨ New in v0.36: Mem It for Twitter

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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 07/27/2022

Mem It for Twitter!

  • Now you can reply to any tweet in a thread with "@memdotai mem it" to save the thread to your Mem inbox
  • Mem It for Twitter also provides NLP-generated summaries (and titles) of the threads you save alongside the thread itself
  • In some cases, you'll also receive recommendations for other threads we think you might like, based on what other users have saved
  • To use Mem It, simply go to Flows, select "Mem It for Twitter", and follow the steps outlined there to verify and link your Twitter account to Mem.Read more here.

Other changes

  • Improvements to calendar syncing reliability
  • Improved our API and search speeds

Bug fixes

  • If Mem detects a critical error was resolved after retrying the operation the error dialog is replaced and the user can dismiss it safely
  • Search performance: part of the algorithm now loads mems from memory instead of only using the (disk) cache
  • Fix error while syncing new mems that affected a few users

✨ New in v0.33: Mem X and Imports

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 04/15/2022

Starting with this release, the web and desktop apps are now capable of being upgraded to Mem X. We're enabling the upgrade path option gradually and will announce when it's available to all users. If you haven't already, you can sign up for the Mem X Waitlist here.
This update also brings a variety of bug fixes and minor updates to Mem.

⭐ Top improvement

  • Imports -> We've rebuilt the Imports system from scratch to make it faster, more reliable, and easy to undo if you decide you don't want the imported content to remain in Mem. Give it a go and import content from other apps by visiting Flows > Imports.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Login -> Sometimes user session is not detected and "Your Session has expired" is displayed right after login.
  • Upgrade data access library to fix an authentication bug.
  • Search -> Indexing of tags with uppercase letters or special characters (e.g, client-feedback, ClientFeedback).
  • Search -> Index username and domain names of email addresses, preserving punctuation (e.g, peter.parker and marvel.com in peter.parker@marvel.com).
  • Spotlight -> Sometimes sending copied text to existing mem wouldn't work.
  • Editor -> Increased drag and drop target when dragging images into desktop app
  • Dropdown menus -> Fixed menu hiding behavior—menus go away when you click outside, not hover out of them (except for the menus in Inbox)

📜 Other Updates

  • Editor / Mentions (+) dropdown -> Rank mems with matching titles higher.
  • Search (Cmd+K) -> Rank mems with matching titles higher.
  • Search -> Limit number of searched words/tokens, otherwise the app would crash when a very large block of text was pasted in the search area (20+ words).
  • Calendar sync -> Increase number of synced upcoming events from 25 to 50.
  • File uploads -> Increased the per-file upload limit from 8MB to 25MB.
  • Navigation -> Upgraded how browser navigation between pages is handled.
  • Mem X -> Began testing paid subscription sign-up flow with early access Mem X users.

✨ New in v0.32: Smart results, powered by Mem X

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 03/04/2022

🔍 Smart Results - Powered by Mem X

Only available to members of the Mem X Early Preview

What is Mem X? — Mem X is the AI extension of Mem that intelligently organizes and connects your information. If you haven't already joined the Mem X Early Preview waitlist, join here: https://forms.gle/QUg1R8LPUr5bHP9a7

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Keyboard shortcuts for inbox, timeline, tasks now work on web (Alt/Opt + H for Timeline, Alt/Opt + I for Inbox, and Alt/Opt + T for Tasks)
  • @ and # are no longer triggered in code blocks
  • "Push into New Mem" now doesn't bring up the next line of text with it
  • Improved copy and pasting from Spotlight and within Mem
    • Better handling for link embeds and file attachments that are pasted to other apps (Embeds are shown as a link, and file attachments are shown as "Attachment: example.zip")
  • @ mentions and # tags are correctly pasted when copied to the clipboard

✨ New in v0.31: Similar mems, powered by Mem X

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 02/22/2022

Improved copy and paste – We've fixed handling for copy and pasting nested bullets to other apps and within Mem, and we have more refinements coming soon.

Faster and smoother editing – We've reworked the algorithms we use to generate related mems, top tags, and more on the fly, in order to make them as fast as possible and ensure they don't get in the way of a smooth typing experience. You should now experience a more responsive editor, especially if you're someone with thousands of mems.

Faster comment loading – Comment threads are now loaded instantaneously on page load alongside the main mem you're looking at, so you can get to collaborating even faster when you're shared a link to a mem.

🪄 Mem X Preview of Similar Mems

Now available to Mem X Early Preview group members

At the top of your Related mems pane, members of the Mem X Early Preview group will now see a new card titled "Similar to this mem". Other mems that are similar to the mem you are viewing will now automatically show up there — even if you didn't manually tag or link to them.

This section is powered by an early preview of Mem X, the AI extension of Mem that intelligently organizes and connects your content in Mem.Mem X uses novel techniques to organize your mems based on the meaning of their contents so that mems relevant to what you're working on are always at your fingertips.

If you're interested in joining the Mem X Early Preview, keep an eye out for a sign up we'll be sending out soon.

✨ New in v0.30: Mem iOS app

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 02/07/2022

The iOS app is officially out for public Beta! We're thrilled to make Mem on iOS available to everyone. Now it's even faster and easier to capture your notes on the go. Quickly jot down whatever you want — any article, idea, image, or tweet that you want to keep for later.

Start building your own self-organizing workspace!

Add lightweight organization using tags and links, and see related content just as you would on the desktop/web apps.

Use the iOS share sheet to quickly save snippets of text or links from any website.

Highlight the text, link, or image you want to send and choose Send to Mem.

Syncing happens automatically between the Mem desktop, browser, and mobile apps and Mems that you capture/edit while offline will be saved locally and sync across all of your devices next time you come back online.

With our smart search feature, finding exactly what you need at the right time only takes seconds. And you can see what else is related to your search result with just a tap under Related mems.

We'll be publishing frequent updates throughout the beta — so stay tuned for more! And as always, we look forward to your feedback.

👉 👉 👉 Download the App 👈 👈 👈

PS: This beta is only limited to iOS. We plan to support Android eventually, but do not have a timeline for one. In the meantime, you can use Mem’s Texts flow or the mobile web experience.

✨ New in v0.29: Unlocking serendipity

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 01/27/2022

This release features the biggest UI overhaul to date — but we didn't stop there. In addition to the long-overdue visual refresh, V0.29.1 features the first of many steps towards making serendipity a cornerstone of Mem, and furthering our mission of building the world's first self-organizing workspace. These changes will be particularly noticeable for teams users (e.g. stumbling upon a shared artifact created by a co-worker that is directly relevant to what you're working on), but also significantly improves the experience for individual users. Without further ado:

Better Related mems

Previously, Related mems would only include mems that either shared the same tag, shared the same title, or directly linked to this mem. This was an overly restrictive ruleset that didn't allow for information to flow freely, and for knowledge to truly compound.

V0.29.1 streamlines the Related mems sidebar and introduces the following improvements:

  • Meeting notes for recurring Calendar events: See mems that are created from (or linked to) previous occurrences of recurring events
  • "Referenced by": You've always been able to see a list of mems that link to the current mem you're on. We've made it more clear what we're showing you and why.
  • "Mentions": Rather than explicitly requiring matching tags, any mem that contains the word contained within the tag will also be surfaced under "Mentions [name of tag]". (Example: a mem that has the tag #hiring will also surface mems that contain the word “hiring”)
  • Hover previews: Hover over a Related mem to see a preview of its contents
  • Better navigation: Navigate to the next/previous Related mem without going back to the main view.
  • Responsive layouts & resizable panels: mems display much more compactly at smaller sizes, and side-by-side views can now be separately resized.

A new sidebar built for discovery

This is the most visible change in V0.29.1 so we'll spend less time explaining and let you explore yourself. Aside from consolidating various menus from across the app, we've added a new section called "Tags" that will automatically surface the top-of-mind topics that matter. The purpose of this change is to promote knowledge discovery (among teams) and re-discovery (for individuals).

That's it for this update. In future updates, expect more along the theme of enabling serendipity. As always, don't hesitate to send us feedback/bug reports (to @mem support). Happy memming!
PS the Mem iOS app is now in Testflight. Head over to mem.ai/ios to join the Beta.

✨ New in v0.28.26: Improved app performance

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    Alex Tsai
  • on 01/21/2022

This release includes several bug fixes, feature improvements, and performance improvements. The top changes are:

  • 💫 Desktop app performance — We've optimized how Mem backups are saved on your computer in order to reduce the workload by over 60x, helping save battery life and make the app feel snappier.
  • 🔔 Email Notification Settings — You can now navigate to your profile settings and enable email notifications for a variety of events, such as when a mem is shared with your or when someone replies to one of your comments.
  • Import into Mem — Additional bug-fixes and improvements were made to Imports to make it faster and more reliable to import content from a variet such as Notion, Evernote, and Apple Notes directly into your Mem. Head on over to Flows > Imports to try it out.
  • Type anywhere bug fix — Mems created by typing while inside Inbox no longer skip the first character typed.

✨ New in v0.26: Send emails to Mem

  • A
    Alex Tsai
  • on 11/22/2021

You can now send emails directly to Mem. Anything you send to save@mem.ai will flow into your Timeline and Inbox, including file attachments and #tags for quick organization.

  • Want to save a flight confirmation email for later? Forward it to save@mem.ai with the tag #travel and search for "flight confirmation".
  • Received an important slide deck from a client? Forward it to save@mem.ai and find it later with a search like "slide decks from email".
  • Need to remember that pumpkin pie recipe that Mom sent you? Forward it to save@mem.ai with the tag #recipe

Mem automatically pulls out facts (e.g. addresses, confirmation numbers, etc.) from these emails. You can also search “from emails” or “save@mem.ai” to find all mems created in this way.

Getting Started
To get started, simply send an email to save@mem.ai from the Gmail address you use to sign in to Mem. If you would like to send emails to Mem from other email accounts, navigate to Flows -> Emails.

Additional notes

  • File attachments sent to save@mem.ai are currently limited to 10 MB in size. We'll be increasing this limit over time.
  • File attachments from emails are stored securely using Google Cloud Storage.
  • We only support email forwarding from Gmail accounts for now.

✨ New in v0.25: Fact search

  • A
    Alex Tsai
  • on 11/05/2021

Starting today, Mem will surface facts you've captured deep within your mems right at the top of your search results. This works with numeric codes, like "confirmation number A1B2C3", as well as values that follow a colon in a mem, like "Director: Christopher Nolan".
To get started, try adding your frequent flyer numbers to Mem and then searching for them. You'll be just one click away whenever you need them.

Quickly navigate to links, too

Mem also now understands links within your mems as websites you might want to navigate to in the future. Just like facts, we now surface them as top-level results that can be immediately opened in a new tab.

Also in this release (Hint: It's more search goodies)

We've managed to pack a few other gems into this release:

  1. You can now search "all tags" or "all mems" and check out the brand new pages.
  2. When you enable a link filter in search results such as "containing Google Sheets links", each result now surfaces links contained within the mem, so you can open the link without first opening the mem.
  3. When you search for text, the matching blocks of text contained with the mem are surfaced on the search results page, so you can find what you're looking for, faster.

✨ New in v0.24: Publish (and save) via Mem

  • A
    Alex Tsai
  • on 10/15/2021

We've made collaborating, sharing, and publishing what you know easy in Mem.

Publish to a Public URL

From any mem, first press the Share button. Then, press Publish. You'll get a public link you can then share. Anyone on the web with the link will be able to view the mem in a beautiful, view-only mode publishing mode.

Fun fact: We published this mem to the web so you can see what a published mem looks and feels like. Check it out at mem.ai/p/jNHWbbRIqavX2cjTOnA2.

Tip: If they have a Mem account, they'll be able to save it to their Mem for future reference in one click. You can see how many times a published mem has been saved by others at the top right of the published mem.

Sharing with emails, contacts, or groups

From any mem, press the Share button easily share the mem with any email address, people in your mem contacts, or groups you're in. Once you share a mem, they'll receive it in their Mem inbox and be able to edit it collaboratively in real-time. We’re aware of some kinks that still exist in collaborative editing that we’re actively working on resolving.

Tip: If you're trying to stay on the keyboard, you can still use @mentions to share as you type in the mem itself.

More in v0.24

  1. Visual updates to the top bar, dropdown menus, & iconography throughout the app
  2. Vastly improved performance (by >50x in some cases) of editing long mems
  3. Improved resilience to brief lapses in internet connectivity
  4. Many more minor bug fixes and improvements

Happy memming!

✨ New in v0.23: Mem spotlight on Windows + more

  • A
    Alex Tsai
  • on 10/01/2021

Ever since releasing the first version of Mem Spotlight for Mac users back in 2020, it’s become a staple feature for countless workflows.

From enabling lightning-fast capture, to system-wide search, to universally accessible templates and beyond, Spotlight became an instant hit. The one issue? It was only available on Mac.

Today, that changes.

The Windows Desktop App is officially ready to download. Go here to get it.

Note: the hotkey to activate Mem Spotlight on Windows is ctrl + shift + space

Mem iOS App

We’ve been testing an early version of the iOS app with a small group of users. We will progressively release the TestFlight to more users as it becomes more feature-complete and bug-free. Stay tuned.

Bug Fixes

  • Starred searches will now work as intended
  • Made search more reliable
  • New users added to a group will now be able to see old mems shared in that group
  • Fixed an error that would previously result in continuous "Please Reset Syncing" loops
  • Simultaneous editors within a mem should no longer cause the viewport to jump around unexpectedly (much more to come here)

✨ New in v0.22: Attach files to mems

  • A
    Alex Tsai
  • on 09/21/2021

New in v0.22 💫, you can add file attachments to mems. PDFs, spreadsheets, slide decks, songs—anything goes. Once files are attached to a mem, simply @mention a teammate to share the file or add a #hashtag for quick organization. Easily find files later with searches like "slide deck from sarah" or "financial report pdf from 2020".

You can attach a file to a mem in any of three ways:

  1. While typing in a mem, type /file and choose the Attach a file option
  2. Drag and drop files directly from your desktop into a mem
  3. Paste files directly from your clipboard into a mem

Additional notes

  • File attachments are stored securely using Google Cloud Storage.
  • Each file attachment is currently limited to 8 MB in size. We'll be increasing this limit over time.

✨ New in v0.21: Search just got a whole lot smarter

  • A
    Alex Tsai
  • on 08/20/2021

Today, we unveil the biggest set of improvements that we’ve ever made to search in Mem. This update marks our first steps towards giving you a universal search bar for all information that is uniquely relevant to you (and your team). Namely, it enables:

  • using conversational phrases to find what you're looking for
  • making compound searches, such as "mems that contain Twitter links from July 2021”
  • narrowing your search results dynamically based on recommended filters

This means that, unlike before, Mem will look beyond just matching the text of what you’re searching for. Here are some examples of everyday concepts now understood by Mem:

  • links (e.g. "has Google Drive links", “has Figma links”, etc.)
  • specific dates and date ranges (e.g. "from July 2019")
  • via SMS (e.g. "sent from text")
  • who edited a mem (e.g. "Edited by Isabella")
  • tasks (e.g. "has checklist")
  • tags, including multiple (e.g. "#journal #daily")
  • Mem Groups (e.g. "Shared with Acme Corp.")
  • Images/Video/GIFs (e.g. "with GIFs")
  • Code (e.g. "contains code")

You can also combine multiple elements to form compound searches to further narrow your results. For example “mems with Figma links from August 2021”, “contains GIFs shared with Acme Corp”, and “from Texts with Twitter links”.

✨ New in v0.20: Mem, meet Zapier

  • A
    Alex Tsai
  • on 08/09/2021

You can now pull information from thousands of other apps into Mem using Zapier. Zapier is a platform that serves as a link between apps, and integrations can be built in minutes with zero programming knowledge required.

To get started with Zapier, navigate to the Flows tab, where you'll now see 3 new tiles: Email to Mem, Messages to Mem, and CRM to Mem. Each Flow tile will guide you to set up an integration using pre-built Zapier templates. If none of the templates suit your needs or you want to explore other integrations, you can also easily build your own custom Zapier-Mem integration—check out our tutorial! Information that you generate daily on other platforms is an essential part of your personal knowledge base. This integration with Zapier allows you to bring that information into Mem for powerful search and easy use via Mem Spotlight.

Bug Fixes

  • ⌨️ Shortcuts are a powerful way to streamline workflows in Mem, and this update restores proper functionality to the Esc key.
    • When selecting text in a mem using cmd+k to add a hyperlink, pressing Esc will now close the link editor rather than the mem editor.
    • When searching within a mem using cmd+f, pressing Esc will now close the search window.
  • 📆 All date and time formats when using /date or placeholders in scheduled mems will match your local format.
  • 💬 The "Comments" and "Related" buttons on smaller screen sizes are now accessible.

✨ New in v0.19: Appending to Existing Mems via Mem Spotlight

  • A
    Alex Tsai
  • on 07/28/2021

When using Mem Spotlight to quickly capture information, you can now choose to append to a mem that already exists in your knowledge base. Mem will intelligently recommend sending to the mem you last sent to, or you can search for any mem to append to. We call thisSend to via Mem Spotlight.

Now, whether you're researching an important topic, saving a Tweet, or following along with a meeting agenda, you can be sure that your important knowledge goes exactly where it needs to without missing a beat.
For you Windows users, we've actively begun working on the Windows app. Send to via Mem Spotlight is coming to you later this summer!

Improvements to the Mem API

When creating new mems through the Mem API, you can now @ mention Mem users and groups, as well as link to other mems. This expands the functionality of the recently-launched Mem API that is already being used by dozens of developers to automate bringing new knowledge into Mem!

And in case you missed it last week...

  • 🗓You can now sync non-primary calendars from your Google account in addition to your primary calendar!
  • ⚡️Mem is getting faster! Recent performance improvements dramatically reduce Mem's CPU footprint and strain on your battery — especially while sitting idle in the background.

✨ New in v0.18: Scheduled mems

  • A
    Alex Tsai
  • on 07/01/2021

Scheduled Mems are a new flow that let you automatically generate mems based on your schedule—whether that's a daily mem with top tasks and goals, a weekly team agenda, or a simple reminder to take out the trash. Check out our YouTube tutorial here.

To make your own Scheduled Mem, navigate to Flows > Scheduled Mems. You'll be able to choose which days you want the mem to be created, what time you want it to be delivered, and either design a new mem structure or use an existing template!
Note: We will be sunsetting Daily Mems sometime in the next few weeks. If you currently use the Daily Mem flow, don't worry—active Daily Mem flows will automatically appear as a Scheduled Mem instead.

Also in this release...

  • 🔋⚡️ Performance improvements that reduce battery consumption and make the app feel snappier
  • 📅 The Calendar Flow will now show you past events up to 60 minutes
  • 📱 Texts that start with a hashtag will no longer disappear into the ether

And a variety of other small bug fixes and improvements...

✨ New in v0.17: Introducing the Mem API

  • Avatar
    Maile Pedersen
  • on 06/11/2021

The Mem API is now in public alpha. 

  • The Mem API is a way for people to develop integrations and flows for Mem. 
  • Currently geared toward software developers, but over time, we aim to make it possible for anyone to use tools like Zapier to build an integration without writing any code.
  • The Mem API will enable a variety of information—text messages, sound clips, videos, contacts, projects, emails, documents, tasks, calendar events, you name it—to flow into and out of your Mem knowledge graph.

Also in this release...

  • Mobile web is now better optimized for using www.mem.ai on the go.
  • Spotlight will no longer fully quit if you press Cmd + W, and instead it will only be hidden.
  • Hashtags & linked mems should no longer occasionally fail to appear in dropdown menus and related mems.
  • And a variety of other small bug fixes and improvements...

    ✨ New in v0.16: Calendars

    • Avatar
      Maile Pedersen
    • on 05/05/2021

    📅 Calendars — By connecting one or more Google Calendars to your Mem, you'll be able to:

    • See your upcoming events at the top of your Timeline
    • One click to create a new mem for a calendar event
    • One click to join the calendar event's Zoom or Google Meet call
    • One click to share a mem with calendar event attendees

    To get started, just search for Calendars .

    ⚡ New Features

    • You can now type /date anywhere in a mem to insert the current date
    • You can now type /image anywhere in a mem to upload an image
    • Texts flow now automatically detects #hashtags in incoming messages
    • Texts flow now supports multiple images and text in a single message

    🎨 UI Tweaks

    • Many subtle changes to UI spacing, font sizes, header line heights, and more, to make the app feel more consistent! Most notably, you'll now have extra spacing automatically added above headers (H1, H2, and H3).
    • The editor automatically scrolls as you reach the bottom of the screen in order to keep your cursor a few lines away from the edge

    🐛 Bug Fixes

    • Templates no longer appear to reset after editing an existing template
    • Spotlight correctly resets the search field after pasting from results

    Create Mems from Spotlight

    • Avatar
      Maile Pedersen
    • on 04/20/2021

    What's new:

    Mem Spotlight
    • The ability to quickly capture new mems via Mem Spotlight (⌘⇧Space) from anywhere on your computer.
    • Be able to also use topic tags, linked mems, and templates in Mem Spotlight

    ✨ New in v0.15: Manage your tasks

    • Avatar
      Maile Pedersen
    • on 03/26/2021

    Welcome to v0.15! This release introduces two new features, Tasks ✅and Invites 🎁, as well a CPU performance boost ⚡, and several other improvements/bugfixes.


    Getting things done is easier than ever. Tasks—which you can now navigate to through your left sidebar—automatically aggregates all your tasks from across all your mems in one place and lets you manage them without switching contexts. Head over to the Tasks tab in your sidebar to watch the tutorial video and give it a go!


    Invite your friends to Mem with the new invite button in the top right corner of the app. Just type in their email address to send them an invitation to Mem and help them bypass the waitlist. The more, the merrier—you'll have 5 invites to start!

    More Changes

    We're always hard at work squashing bugs and incorporating feedback you share with us! Here are some of the other changes from this release:

    • Performance improvements – Reduced CPU load across many background actions (in some cases, by ~10x!), such as automatic local backups, syncing to/from the cloud, and indexing content for search. App performance continues to be top of mind and we're always working to make the experience even smoother.
    • Multi-language support – You can now use non-English language character across both tags and linked mems.
    • Deep linking – You'll now be offered to open a mem in the Desktop app if the app is open when navigating to a mem URL in a browser.
    • Placeholders in templates – Templates now support the same automatic placeholders as daily mems, including [today] , [tomorrow], and [my name]
    • Daily mems fix – Daily mems should now always get generated properly.
    • Mem it fix – Mem it now also works on the Microsoft Edge browser.

    ✨ New in v0.14: Templates & daily mems

    • Avatar
      Maile Pedersen
    • on 02/26/2021

    With Templates, you can create and quickly re-use snippets of mems wherever you are. And with your Daily Mem, you can customize a mem that'll be automatically created for you each day.

    ✨ New in v0.12: Mem in beta (invite your friends!)

    • A
      Alex Tsai
    • on 01/29/2021

    It’s official: Mem is leaving its Alpha phase and entering Beta. 🎉 🎉 🎉

    Here’s what that means:

    1. We’re opening up the doors to new users! You can now invite others to collaborate with you and try out Mem for themselves (more on that below).
    2. We’ve launched Groups. Create groups with others to make sharing mems with multiple people a breeze (also more on that below).
    3. We’ve launched lots of new onboarding content to help new users get started. Check out the 7-minute getting started video we’ll be sharing with new users—you may discover something new!
    4. It still early days, and there’s lots on the horizon. We’re still going to ship new features early and often. Brand new concepts may continue to be rough around the edges, and we cherish every piece of feedback we receive.

    If you’re loving Mem and want to play a part, help us spread the word—and bring your friends to Mem! Here’s how…

    Inviting someone to a mem

    To share a mem with someone who doesn't have a Mem account, just @ mention the name of any person in any mem, select the “Invite” option, and enter their email address. We'll invite them to Mem and notify them that you've shared a mem via email. They’ll be able to view and collaborate instantly on the mem you shared, even without signing in to Mem. They’ll also have the option to sign into Mem and skip the waitlist.


    Now, you can create groups in Mem so you can collaborate with others with even more ease. @ mention the group in any mem to share it with all other users in the group. Visit the new "Groups" tab in your sidebar to create new groups, add people to groups, and view groups that you're in.

    Creating a group

    Adding someone to a group

    When you add someone to a group who isn’t already on Mem, we'll invite them to Mem and notify them that’ve been added to a group via email.

    ✨ New in v0.11: Live editing

    • Avatar
      Maile Pedersen
    • on 01/28/2021

    Happy 2021! New year, new Mem. Alpha v11 update brings much-anticipated collaborative editing. It's been months in the making, and it brings about an unparalleled editing experience. We call it Live Editing.


    Live Editing enables two new features:

    1. Realtime collaboration — Multiple people can edit the same mem, at the same time, without interrupting what others are typing.
    2. Offline editing of anything— Now, you can edit any mem offline, whether they're newly created ones or ones shared with you in the past. When you go back online, Mem will intelligently sync the changes and merge them with any changes collaborators made while you were offline.

    Over the new few weeks, you'll notice a Live Editing Enabled indicator in mems any time Live Editing mode is enabled. Soon, we'll complete the switch to having Live Editing enabled for all mems.

    More in Mem

    View search results as Timeline

    Now, you're able to view search results in Timeline View, so that you can browse searched mems organized in chronological order.

    Reduce clutter with the press of a button

    Introducing the "Clear Inbox" button, which allows you to remove all mems from your inbox. These mems will remain viewable in your Timeline and searchable with Command + K.

    New Brand, New Theme

    We want to say a huge thank you for being one of our earliest users and helping us build Supernote together. As you know, our product today remains the same, and while we'll always remember the name Supernote fondly, we've transformed the brand to align with our long-term goals. With the name Mem, we'll be able to better deliver on our vision that takes us far beyond notes. We're building the future of human memory—a way for all of us to do more with the information we've come across. Check out and share our new website, mem.ai! If you use the web version of Mem, you can access the landing page directly at get.mem.ai.

    Along with the brand rollout, Salmon theme has been replaced with Amaranth. Give it a go by hovering over your profile icon in the top right of Mem!

    Reliability improvements to Mem It

    Finally, we've improved reliability and performance in Mem It, especially when you use Mem It on selected text. We've also made minimalistic formatting refinements for mems created via Mem It.

    ✨ New in v0.10: Timeline and Mem It

    • A
      Alex Tsai
    • on 12/14/2020

    2020 may be nearing an end, but we're still in the early days for Mem. Alpha v10 brings two new major features—Timeline and the Mem It Clipper—as well as a series of improvements to search. Read on to see what's new in Mem.


    Your timeline is the new home surface of Mem, where you can browse mems you created, edited, or viewed in chronological order. Want to get back to those meeting notes from yesterday or that Bolognese recipe you cooked last weekend? Now it's just a scroll away. You can also search for dates in global search (⌘+K) to be taken to a specific date in Timeline.

    Timelines are now available for specific collections of mems. When viewing mems in a topic, mems shared with a specific person, or a "see all search results" page, you'll now see a Timeline tab where you can view those mems as a timeline.

    Mems you create or edit are no longer automatically added to your Inbox. Instead, with Timeline as a catch-all, Inbox is a protected space that you consciously add mems to. When you want to add something to your Inbox, simply click Add to Inbox or use the ⌘+S shortcut while viewing a mem.

    Mem It — the anything clipper

    Available via Spotlight

    Now, you can save anything you see directly to Mem with a single keypress, through Spotlight (⌘+Shift+Space).

    On webpages (Chrome or Safari):

    When you open Spotlight while looking at a webpage, you'll see an option to "Save [current webpage]".

    With text highlighted (anywhere):

    When you open Spotlight with text selected — from any application on your computer — you'll see an option to "Save [selected text]"

    See it? Mem it.

    Search: Helping you find that mem, every time

    Alpha v10 introduces five ease-of-use improvements to Mem to help you search for what you need:

    1. Choose "See all results" to view all relevant mems instead of the top 10 shown. From that page, you can also view your results as a Timeline.
    2. Search by date to be taken to a specific location in your timeline. Try "Tuesday", "2 weeks ago", or "June 19."
    3. See your recent searches for mems, topic tags, and users.
    4. See a preview of each mem as you go through results so you know what you're getting into.
    5. See matching text bolded in the results to help you find the right result, faster.

    ✨ New in v0.9: Speed & reliability, natural language snooze, and more...

    • A
      Alex Tsai
    • on 10/07/2020

    Mem with speed, even while offline

    We've revamped the way the app behaves offline. While there's been lots of changes under the hood, you'll notice that using Mem is snappy, load times are faster, and nothing slips through the cracks, independent of your network connection. These improvements also pave the way for an upcoming update, where you'll be able to edit any mem—even shared ones—while offline.

    Type the way you think to snooze a mem

    With freeform text entry for snooze, you can now snooze a mem for however long you want, whether until tomorrow afternoon or December 20 at 11:30am. Simply hit snooze (or press right arrow while the inbox item highlighted) and type in a timeframe as freeform text. Mem will know what you mean.

    Start new mems without losing context

    While viewing an existing mem, pressing Command + N (Ctrl + N on web) to create a new mem now pushes aside the previously open mem into the right sidebar, keeping it visible so you can maintain that past context in mind as you move on to your next thought.

    Use important mems faster with Spotlight

    Whenever you open Mem Spotlight (by pressing Shift + Command + Space when you have the Desktop app installed), you can now view your recently pasted mems, so you can quickly find and make use of mems without the need to search.

    ✨ New in v0.8: Collab with ease

    • A
      Alex Tsai
    • on 08/04/2020

    With the Supernote Alpha v8, we’ve streamlined how you collaborate with your team, making sure everyone’s in the loop while keeping notification chaos at bay.

    Post as comment and reply

    Annotate mems the way you want: post them as comments or keep them private.

    Post as a comment to share it with the collaborators on the original mem — and let them reply in that comment thread.

    Or, keep a side mem private if it's for your eyes only.

    Search for someone's name to view mems you share

    All the mems you've collaborated on, in one place, anytime you need it.

    Threaded conversations

    No more dangling mems in your inbox. When multiple comments and side mems stem from the same primary mem, they'll be threaded together as a single inbox item.

    Mute a mem

    Notification overload? Prevent a mem from resurfacing in your inbox when changes are made. Hover over the bell icon on the right side of an inbox item and click to mute.

    What’s next?

    We’re gearing up for a wider audience launch! As part of that, keep an eye out for two key updates:

    1. Rolling out our new brand, where Supernote officially becomes Mem
    2. Seamless sharing of mems with people who aren’t already on Mem

    ✨ New in v0.7: Superpaste

    • A
      Alex Tsai
    • on 05/08/2020

    Today, we’re opening access to a brand new feature: Superpaste. — Instructions on how to get started are below (currently only available on Mac OS Desktop).

    Superpaste is the first feature that touches on two key areas we’re building out over time:

    1. Everything captured in Supernote is useful to you wherever you are.

      With Superpaste, you can pull up a Spotlight-style search bar wherever you are with Shift+Command+Space, search for a block of text or fact from notes you’ve written or have been shared with you, and press Enter to paste directly into whatever application you were on.

    2. Freeform notes are automatically transformed into structured knowledge.

      Powering Superpaste is a custom parser for notes, which takes freeform text you write and automatically detects structure within the note, snippets of text, and important facts.

    You can Superpaste in your email app…

    …or your messages app…

    …or just about anywhere.

    Getting started with Superpaste

    Superpaste is released with Supernote Alpha v0.7.0, which you can download now.

    If you’re running v0.6.3 or earlier, quit your current version before installing v0.7.0.

    If you’re running v0.6.4, click on the Supernote icon in your Mac OS system bar (see image below), then press Quit at the bottom of the menu to quit before installing v0.7.0.

    When running v0.7.0, you’ll notice a Supernote icon in your Mac OS system bar, and you can click on it to show useful keyboard commands, such as Superpaste (Shift+Command+Space).

    Give Superpaste a spin and let us know your favorite use for it!

    ✨ New in v0.6: Related notes and linked notes

    • A
      Alex Tsai
    • on 03/27/2020

    We're excited to share the biggest update to Supernote to date. This version is all about knowledge — transforming the notes you capture into a powerful repository of information. Here's what's new:

    • Related notes
    • Linked notes
    • Customizable sidebar
    • Browser-based navigation
    • New visual design
    • Performance and reliability improvements

    📚 Related Notes

    The right information, right when you need it.

    You're taking notes in the middle of a call with someone you've met before. As you jot down an important detail, you vaguely recall a related note you took a few weeks back.

    Do you hunt it down? Or continue on writing?

    With Related Notes, choose no longer:

    Adding a tag to a note, such as #acme-corp, will reveal other notes that have the same tag (on the right hand side). Clicking on one of these notes will open it in a full-editable split-screen mode.

    🔗 Note Linking

    Have you ever wished you could link from Supernote to Supernote? Now you can with Note Linking. Try it out by typing "+".

    ⭐ Customizable Sidebar

    With Supernote 0.6, every surface (individual note, collection of notes, or collection of tasks) you engage with can be ⭐Starred. Starring a surface turns it into a saved view that is easily accessible from both your left side bar and search.

    🧭 Browser-based navigation

    The long awaited back button has officially arrived in Supernote. You can now navigate to and from pages as you would expect in a browser. More importantly, this also means you can now navigate directly to a note via its URL.

    Future updates will allow more fine-grained controls over sharing and permissions.

    🧥 A brand new coat

    We re-designed Supernote with a few things in mind:

    • Make core functionality even faster and easier to access
    • Improve navigation and overall spatial awareness when inside the product
    • Remove redundant surfaces

    The result is a simpler, more streamlined product. If you have feedback on the new design, please drop us a line in Supernote!

    🎲 Miscellaneous & 🐛 bug fixes

    • Significantly reduced initial load time (~10X faster in extreme cases)
    • Significantly reduced perceived latency while typing
    • Improved global search (Command + K)
    • Implemented spellcheck suggestions
    • Using Command + K on highlighted text now correctly adds a link (no longer overridden by global search)
    • Fixed a bug that caused certain notes created in offline mode to not sync