Mem It for Twitter

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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 07/27/2022

What's new:

Mem It for Twitter!
  • Now you can reply to any tweet in a thread with "@memdotai mem it" to save the thread to your Mem inbox
  • Mem It for Twitter also provides NLP-generated summaries (and titles) of the threads you save alongside the thread itself
  • In some cases, you'll also receive recommendations for other threads we think you might like, based on what other users have saved
Other changes:
  • Improvements to calendar syncing reliability
  • Improved our API and search speeds

Bug fixes:

  • If Mem detects a critical error was resolved after retrying the operation the error dialog is replaced and the user can dismiss it safely
  • Search performance: part of the algorithm now loads mems from memory instead of only using the (disk) cache
  • Fix error while syncing new mems that affected a few users

Introducing the Mem API

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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 06/11/2021

What's new:

 Launched the Mem API into public alpha.

  • The Mem API is a way for people to develop integrations and flows for Mem. 
  • Currently geared toward software developers, but over time, we aim to make it possible for anyone to use tools like Zapier to build an integration without writing any code.
  • The Mem API will enable a variety of information—text messages, sound clips, videos, contacts, projects, emails, documents, tasks, calendar events, you name it—to flow into and out of your Mem knowledge graph.

Calendars Flow

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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 05/05/2021

What's new in v0.16:

  • Calendars Flow with Google Calendar integration
    • View, join, and take notes on all of your calendar events — without ever leaving Mem
    • See upcoming events in your Timeline
    • One click to create a mem associated with a calendar event
    • One click to re-open an event’s mem
    • One click to jump into a video call
    • One click to share a meeting mem with attendees (which auto-invites people who don’t have a Mem account)
    • Link a mem to calendar event, which appears as an action in the right hand sidebar if you’re currently in a meeting
    • View Related Mems for recurring events, automatically powered by mems linked to past instances of that meeting, perfect for 1:1s or recurring team standups!
  • New slash commands
    • You can now type /date anywhere in a mem to insert the current date
    • You can now type /image anywhere in a mem to upload an image
  • Improved Texts flow
    • Texts flow now automatically detects #hashtags in incoming messages
    • Texts flow now supports multiple images and text in a single message

UX Tweaks:

  • Many subtle changes to UI spacing, font sizes, header line heights, and more, to make the app feel more consistent! Most notably, you'll now have extra spacing automatically added above headers (H1, H2, and H3).
  • The editor automatically scrolls as you reach the bottom of the screen in order to keep your cursor a few lines away from the edge
  • Improved drag & drop support for adding images to a mems

Bug fixes:

  • Templates no longer appear to reset after editing an existing template
  • Spotlight correctly resets the search field after pasting from results

Create Mems from Spotlight

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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 04/20/2021

What's new:

Mem Spotlight
  • The ability to quickly capture new mems via Mem Spotlight (⌘⇧Space) from anywhere on your computer.
  • Be able to also use topic tags, linked mems, and templates in Mem Spotlight

Manage Your Tasks

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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 03/26/2021

What's new:

  • Tasks
    • Mem automatically aggregates all your tasks from across all your mems in one place and lets you manage them without switching contexts.
    • Easily navigate to your tasks in the left sidebar under Tasks View

More changes:

  • Performance improvements
  • Multi-language support
  • Deep linking
  • Placeholders in templates

Bug fixes:

  • Daily mems fix
  • Mem it fix

Templates & Daily Mems

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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 02/26/2021

What's new:

  • Templates: re-usable snippets at your emails, both in Mem and across any app. For you, or for your entire team.
  • Daily Mem: start your day off right with a customizable mem, generated for you and placed in your Timeline.
  • Custom: request a custom Flow.

Introducing Live Editing

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    Maile Pedersen
  • on 01/28/2021

What's new:

  • Realtime collaboration
  • Offline editing
  • View search results as Timeline
  • Clear Inbox" button
  • New brand and theme
  • Improved reliability and performance in Mem It